Completed projects

We are proud that during SOLEV’s many-years-long history a whole range of enterprises has appeared in various industrial sectors of Russia. We created over 400 business plans and investment proposals. In this publication, we cannot tell you about all our successful projects, such as operating plants, industrial enterprises in various fields of production, commercial real estate development, etc. Having selected several projects that we have completed in the past few years, we can clearly demonstrate the scope of our capabilities. We are interested in all practically feasible projects, regardless of their line of activity and geography. We have no industry preferences – as long as the project is promising!

Oil Processing and Petrochemical Industry
Mining operations
Transportation infrastructure
Pharmaceutical and biotechnology production facilities
Food Processing and Light Industry
The Forest Industry
Construction materials industry
Real Estate and the Hospitality and Recreation Business

IC SOLEV assists its clients - companies engaged in large-scale modernization, expansion of capacities, construction, and creation of new areas of activity - to develop investment projects and arrange financing for their implementation. IC SOLEV offers all types of loan financing for investment projects in the best interests of our clients. Our 15 years of experience on the investment consulting market are demonstrated in results that speak for themselves!