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Creation of a gas cogeneration power plant in Eysk (Krasnodar Krai)

Когенерационная газовая тепловая электростанция

IA "SOLEV" organized funding for Yeisk energy company in accordance with the world standards. In the course of the project was assigned an area for construction and were made agreements on business cooperation with the Administration.

A general supplier of equipment and services for the project aw chosen, a draft contract was approved and initialed. Contracts with the consumers of the project production - "City electric network of Yeisk” and the municipal unitary enterprise "Heating supply networks of Yeisk" were signed.

The result was the creation of a new technological level of energy generating using co-generation process and its transfer to the customer on the short haul (avoiding the high-voltage network), which provided the initiator with a competitive advantage over the main suppliers of electricity and heat producing products separately - boiler of municipal unitary enterprise "Heating networks" and Heating plant "RAO UES" of Russia. In this case, the use of energy-saving technologies, made it possible to increase the efficiency of power plants due to beneficial use of waste heat to its full utilization.

Basing on the technology of project financing, developed on the basis of a business plan and supporting documents were approved credit committee and the project received funding totaling more than 10 million euros.