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Construction of suburban recreational house for the elderly

Region: Moscow Region
Industry: Hotel / medical services
Services: Preparation of materials for foreign investment (business planning and the translation into English)
Result: Preparation of a business plan
Name of Project: Construction of suburban recreational house for the elderly

The main purpose of the investment project is the creation of 5 ***** level recreational house for the elderly, providing the full range of services (accommodation in comfortable rooms with modern facilities (in the cottages and the main building), the organization of nursing care and visiting doctors' consultations (as needed) , organization of cultural activities, meals in restaurants and cafes).

The project is aimed at providing services to the elderly, whose level of income or, more likely, the level of income of members of their families is above the average. Number of elderly people staying in the house at the same time does not exceed 70. Such a small number of residents is established basing on international experience in order to provide individual attention to each guest. The project concept involves building 10 cottages for 2 to 4 people, the main building with a capacity of 40 people, as well as various infrastructure facilities required for a comfortable stay of the elderly.

In accordance with the requirements of the customer the specialists of "SOLEV" developed a business plan with a financial model and translated it into English. The documents in the project proposal were needed to attract foreign investment into the project.