Reconstruction of “Afanasiy pivo” and “Pivovarnia Ivava Taranova” breweries

IA “SOLEV” participated in the modernization and expansion production of beer products of several companies, in particular, in “Afanasiy pivo” Tver and “Pivovarnia Ivava Taranova” in the Orenburg region. In both cases, the main direction of development of enterprises, while strengthening its own distribution system, was to increase the capacity and improve the environmental efficiency of production, which included the implementation of several investment programs of their own and borrowed funds.

During the works were carried out tenders for the selection of the general supplier of equipment and supplies reached the optimum conditions, significantly improving the financial performance of the project.

On the basis of a business plan and supporting documents was obtained an approval of the credit committee and received funding for projects totaling over $ 10 million. The result of the project "Modernization and expansion of brewing products" was the creation of new production capacities with flexible modern technology to produce various types of quality beer with a long shelf life.