Group of companies "ROSTPRODUKT"

Group of companies "ROSTPRODUKT" appealed to "Solev" IC for help in working capital replenishment. Employees of "Solev" IC in collaboration with one of the partner banks have developed a comprehensive proposal and tracked this transaction since the conclusion of the contract to a positive response from the bank. Feasibility studies have been prepared for the project as well as the necessary documents. Thanks to the negotiations conducted by the employees of "Solev" IC with the bank was taken a positive decision on granting funds at a reduced interest rate.

Group of companies "ROSTPRODUKT" is presented on the Russian market trademark (certified trademark) is an integrated structure of organizations created to carry out activities related to the storage, processing and sale of meat products. The production program is based on the use of high-tech, flexible, versatile production technologies for processing of various kinds of raw meat in order to obtain high-quality meat products.

Organization of wholesale supplies of frozen fish in Russia

Region: Moscow, St. Petersburg, the European part of Russia
Industry: Wholesale
Service: Business planning
Result: Prepared financial model and business plan
Project name: Organization of wholesale supplies of frozen fish in Russia

The main purpose of the project is the organization of wholesale supplies of frozen fish in Russia through the sea trade port of St. Petersburg. Further the frozen fish is delivered by truck to the consumer in all the central regions of Russia.

The following species will be supplied: butterfish fillet and steak, king clip, carcass and fillet of hake, notothenia carcass, pollock fillet, tilapia fillet, pangasius fillet, brotola, flounder, blue whiting.

Supplies will be carried out from countries such as Taiwan, Spain, USA, China, Vietnam, Argentina.

Estimated total volume of supplies for all types of fish will amount to: 5710 tons per year.

To implement the project was specially registered a new legal body.

In view of the fact that a potential creditor of the new company was "Rosselkhozbank", the specialists of «Solev” developed a business plan with a financial model that suited the requirements of the Bank. In the course of the project, our staff carried out the coordination of all participants, to provide timely customer information and made changes to the project at the request of the sponsoring organization.