Construction of suburban recreational house for the elderly

Region: Moscow Region
Industry: Hotel / medical services
Services: Preparation of materials for foreign investment (business planning and the translation into English)
Result: Preparation of a business plan
Name of Project: Construction of suburban recreational house for the elderly

The main purpose of the investment project is the creation of 5 ***** level recreational house for the elderly, providing the full range of services (accommodation in comfortable rooms with modern facilities (in the cottages and the main building), the organization of nursing care and visiting doctors' consultations (as needed) , organization of cultural activities, meals in restaurants and cafes).

The project is aimed at providing services to the elderly, whose level of income or, more likely, the level of income of members of their families is above the average. Number of elderly people staying in the house at the same time does not exceed 70. Such a small number of residents is established basing on international experience in order to provide individual attention to each guest. The project concept involves building 10 cottages for 2 to 4 people, the main building with a capacity of 40 people, as well as various infrastructure facilities required for a comfortable stay of the elderly.

In accordance with the requirements of the customer the specialists of "SOLEV" developed a business plan with a financial model and translated it into English. The documents in the project proposal were needed to attract foreign investment into the project.

Reconstruction of hotel complexes "Diamant” Group

Гостиничный комплекс группы компаний "Диамант"

The rapid growth of tourism and business activity in Russia creates opportunities for the development of hotel business. The creation of modern tourism infrastructure is impossible without hotel services industry which is its important component. Currently, the most popular are the 2-3 star hotels, oriented to business-audience and tourists with average income. But due to the depreciation of fixed assets there is a clear lack of accommodations that meet modern standards.

Given the trends in the industry, the management of the group of companies "Diamant" decided to reconstruct the group’s hotel complexes, which are located in the cities of Volgograd and Volzhskiy. The purpose of reconstruction of hotel complexes was to increase the comfort of the rooms and to expand the range of services offered to clients in accordance with modern requirements. The existing hotel complexes of "Diamant" Group feature a prime location in the central regions of Volgograd and Volzhskiy and the proximity to major highways. The first stage of the investment project was the reconstruction of the hotel, located in the city of Volgograd. For this purpose, experts of IA "SOLEV" carried out the structuring of the project, prepared a set of documents for the organization of financing based on which they attracted a line of credit from one of the largest banks in Russia with total funding of more than U.S. $ 9 million.

Conceptual approach to the development of All-Russian Exhibition Centre

Всероссийский выставочный центр

One of the most important works carried out by IA “Solev” in 2006-2007 we consider the development of conceptual approaches to the development of All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VVC) on conditions of public-private partnership - the order of GAO "VVC", obtained based on the results of the international competition among the leading consulting and development companies of the world.

It is no secret that in the last 10 years, many attempts were made to offer ideas of the reformation of the architectural and landscape complex VVC. Unfortunately, most of the ideas of the developers have not been put into practice in the first place because they are not based on a real funding mechanism. In addition, it is a challenge to develop a comprehensive functional concept for such a multi-faceted and promising, but at the same time contradictory to the historical aspect object as VVC.

We are proud of the fact that in early 2008, the strategy of development of VVC - object unique in terms of its historical significance and functionality - was based on proposals of our company. It was approved by the Board of Directors of JSC "GAO VVC" and we also received a letter of gratitude from the management of All-Russian Exhibition Center (GAO "VVC").

We are confident that implementing the development program proposed by IA “SOLEV”, VVC can function effectively in the modern conditions and take a leading position in the global market of exhibition and congress services.

A proposed scheme of public-private partnership will allow to attract investors and to satisfy the interests of the shareholders of "VVC" on mutually beneficial terms.

The main all regional construction management (MARCM) "Center"

Главное всерегиональное строительное управление (ГВСУ) "Центр"

IA “Solev” jointly with KPMG company organized the acquisition by the Coalco company of a former construction division of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR of the main all regional construction management (MARCM) “Center”, which brings together industrial, construction, commissioning, design and real estate divisions. The deal was closed in January 2008. Coalco acquired manufacturing facilities of MARCM "Center" for the project "Great Domodedovo", which involves large-scale construction in the Domodedovo district, Moscow region. By the time of the imminent release of a building site of Coalco got its own general contractor in their structure. By some estimates, the cost of MARCM "Center" is $ 300 million.

MARCM “Center” built many facilities of the Ministry of Defense, Theater of the Soviet Army, towns of Krasnoznamensk, Bolshevo Vatutinki and Korolev. MARCM “Center” MARCM “Center” has inherited all the building powers of the Ministry of Defense for the production of precast concrete, ready-mixed concrete, efficiency constructions, gas-concrete blocks. Available capacities allow MARCM “Center” to build 300,000 square meters of housing a year. Previously MARCM “Center” assets interested only such major developers as PIK Group and "Sistema-Hals".

Building of social housing complex in Tyumen

Region: Tyumen
Industry: Housing construction, real estate
Service: Organization of project financing
Result: Opening a line of credit, loan drawing, the completion of the construction of buildings
Project name: Building of social housing complex in Tyumen total area of 10 thousand square meters

The project involves the construction of a total area of 10 thousand square meters, which includes apartments, offices, a hotel with 30 rooms and parking. At the time of contacting "Solev" IC the project initiator at their own expense performed design and survey works, started work on the preparation of the construction site and work on the reconstruction of external networks.

The project was financed by NOMOS-bank. Experts of "Solev" IC developed the optimal financing scheme that suited both the Bank and the Project initiator and prepared the complete package of documents for the loan.

Throughout the work the specialists of "Solev" accompanied the project and advised the initiator on an almost daily basis. Collaborative effort resulted in obtaining financing in the amount of about 240 million rubles.

Construction and operation of multifunctional complex "Sochi City"

Region: Sochi, Krasnodarskiy kray
Industry: Real estate
Service: Business planning, business financing
Result: The project has passed the credit committee and was approved by public authorities of the Czech Republic due to the crisis in 2008 there were problems with project initiator’s own means and the project started later in another format.
Project name: Construction and operation of multifunctional complex "Sochi City" of the total area of 280 thousand square meters.

The complex is a Megacenter which includes residential areas, hotels, business centers and shopping and entertainment center.

Multifunctional complex "Sochi City" is built in the center of Sochi near the railway and bus stations, at the crossing of highways connecting the airport and the city's main attractions. The project was included in the social facilities of Sochi program and approved by the city administration.

The main advantage of the project is a prime location, as well as the concept of multifunctionality, which is rare in the developing real estate market of Sochi. Hosting the Olympic Games in Sochi increased the investment attractiveness of the Project.

Employees of the “Solev” IC developed a business plan and, most importantly, structural funding scheme, which involves the use of multiple sources of funds, which is quite common for such large-scale projects.

Due to an extensive experience in project finance of similar construction projects, the specialists of “Solev” IC together with the initiator passed the credit committee of the bank and got the approval of the Czech state for the record sum of funding amounting to $ 500 million.

Construction of 4-5 storey office and residential building with 1st and 2nd non-residential floors and underground parking.

Assessing the prospects and opportunities of the project, it was decided to apply to Nomos-Bank. Meanwhile the possibility of receiving foundation in other banks was elaborated.

As part of the project staff  MO "SOLEV" developed the optimal financing scheme that suits both the Bank and the Initiator.

On the basis of the financing scheme and in accordance with the requirements of the bank we have prepared a feasibility evaluation of the effectiveness of attracting credit resources to the project. The total loan amount is of 140 million rubles was divided into several tranches, to minimize the risks of the Bank and the cost of the initiator. Throughput the work the “SOLEV” specialists helped the initiator prepare the necessary documents. Joint efforts were rewarded: the project was accepted by the  investment committee of Nomos-Bank, and then the credit committee. Currently the construction of the building is in progress.