Solev specializes in organization of “complex guarantees”, when the volumes of new contracts of a company significantly exceed the current activity of the company or a group of companies, when there are no cover funds or there are other problems. We work with companies from all regions of Russian Federation.

We help obtaining bank guarantees for a state contract including:

  • advance payment guarantees,
  • fulfillment of contract obligations guarantees,
  • fulfillment of obligation guarantees after contract execution.

We also arrange loans for maintenance of the application for participation in the tender (5% credit).

Solev works only on guarantees whose volume starts from 10 million rubles. We are also keen on organizing limit for obtaining a number of guarantees.

We give a definitive answer within 1-2 days from the date of the documents according to the list below.

  1. Company description (presentation, website link)
  2. Tender documentation (a link to the site) or the protocol of winning the competition / tender
  3. 1st (balance) and 2nd (the profit and loss account) accounting forms for the previous fiscal year. If it is a group of companies, it is desirable to provide consolidated accounts.

Regarding the loans for execution of government contracts and contracts with large companies, see the section "Contract financing."