Expansion of the production of crushed granite

Расширение производства гранитного щебня

The aim of the project "Expansion of the production of crushed granite" was the purchase of road equipment of Japanese (Komatzu) and Swedish (Svedala) production. As a result of this work was organized a tied credit of Nissho Iwai Co. trading house with the support of the J-MITI insurance agency guaranteed by CB "Inkom".

The project was secured by the Administration of Perm Region and the pledge of the purchased equipment of "Uralsibspetsstroi" OJSC. The volume of attracted investments amounted to U.S. $ 3 million for a term of 3 years.

Erection of a block of autoclaved aerated concrete

Строительство завода по производству блоков из автоклавного аэрированного бетона

In the Central region of Russia, with the population of over 40 million people and an active housing construction at the time the customer addressed our company there was not a single modern plant for the production of cellular concrete blocks. The existing enterprises had insufficient production power and non-competitive in terms of quality. The deficit was replenished by supplies from neighboring regions (Lipetsk, Stary Oskol, Republic of Belarus), where there were more modern plants built in the early 90s under the program of withdrawal of Soviet troops from East Germany, but transport costs significantly increased the cost of one cubic meter.

With our support, a project of building a plant for the production of blocks of autoclaved aerated concrete in the Mozhaysk, Moscow region with design capacity of 380,000 cubic meters per year was carried out. After working through the various options of the project and conducting a series of examinations was calculated the amount of necessary capital investment in the reconstruction of the production area of the plant, conducted the registration of land, construction site, repair and construction of infrastructure, obtaining all necessary permits and certificates. The project cost amounted to over 10 million euros.

Production of concrete slabs and curbs

Производство бетонных плит и бордюрного камня

The project "Modernization and expansion of existing production of building materials" involved the purchase of American and German equipment for the production of concrete slabs and curbs.

The specialists of the IA "SOLEV" developed a business plan for the project; negotiations with suppliers; prepared a package of documents on which the loan from Sberbank was organized. The volume of attracted investments amounted to U.S. $ 2 million with a term of investing of 3.5 years.

Sale of building holding

Строительный холдинг

In 2006-2007 years IA "SOLEV" together with KPMG company prepared and successfully completed the purchase and sale of the operating business of a major construction holding. A full range of services was performed for the customer (seller).

Thus, in the first phase were prepared all the necessary documents for the sale:

  • a forecast of development and investment program;
  • the consolidated financial statements of the holding company in accordance with IFRS;
  • a business evaluation;
  • an investment memorandum.

Subsequently a list of potential buyers was formed and approved by the client, were held preliminary negotiations to agree on the basic terms of the deal, was created a solution to the legal and tax point of view of organizational and legal scheme of sale, which led to the successful completion of the transaction.

Modernization and expansion of the asphalt plant "ABZ-1"

Модернизация и расширение асфальтобетонного завода «АБЗ-1»

Due to significant volumes of road construction and due to the high current requirements for quality of road surfaces, road-building industry needs large volumes of high-quality crushed stone for road works.

Management of JSC "ABZ-1" (St. Petersburg) decided to purchase a mobile asphalt mixing complex and equipment to develop a field of crushed stone.

Total investment in the project "Expansion of the company "ABZ-1" JSC was about 6 million U.S. dollars. Acquired complex works both on outside service construction work, and at the “ABZ-1”.

Creation of innovative construction technology park Kazbek (iCTP "Kazbek") in the territory of the Chechen Republic.

Region: Gudermes city (Chiri-Yurt village), Chechen Republic
Industry: Production of construction materials
Service: Business planning, financing organization
Result: The project successfully passed several stages of approval in the GC "Vnesheconombank": Development Committee of Investment Operations (DCIO), Credit Committee, Supervisory Board of Vneshekonombank. Currently a loan agreement is signedand and a credit line is about to be launched.
Project name: Creation of innovative construction technology park Kazbek (iCTP "Kazbek") in the territory of the Chechen Republic.

The main purpose of the investment project was the creation in the Shali district of the Chechen Republic of the complex for production of construction materials to build residential and public buildings on innovative technologies for the Russian market using WEHRHAHN (Germany) company equipment.

The project is aimed at the development of the construction industry and promotion of development of low-rise housing in the Chechen Republic.

It is expected that the following types of construction materials will be produced: aerated concrete blocks and slabs, building lime, dry mixes, fiber cement board. The design capacity of the plant is:

  • Aerated concrete blocks or slabs - 294 thousand cubic meters per year;
  • Fiber cement slabs - 2.8 million sq.m. per year;
  • Dry mixes - 74 thousand tons per year;
  • Lime - 32 thousand tons per year.

Due to the fact that at the moment the Russian Government is actively working on the development of industrial production in the North Caucasus, the source of financing for the project was the GC "Vnesheconombank".

Experts of “Solev” IC have prepared a business plan for the project in accordance with all requirements of Vneshekonombank and organized the loan funding of the project. Also the developed financing scheme helped to attract some funds from abroad at a relatively low rate.

In late 2011, the project received a positive conclusion of the credit committee of the «Vneshekonombank», and in April 2012 - the approval of the Supervisory Board of Vneshekonombank chaired by V.V. Putin, in December 2012 a loan agreement for the Project was signed.