The development of wood processing plants

Развитие предприятия по переработке древесины

We were approached by the current management of Plant KDK (Glued Wooden Constructions PLANT) of the Vologda region, engaged in a full cycle of processing of wood: from sawing logs to the assembly of buildings and constructions. The plant consists of several production plants: sawing, drying and production of laminated wood constructions plant, which allows control on all stages of completing the order and guarantees the highest product quality.

The aim of the project was the financing of working capital and the acquisition of additional equipment for woodworking.

The specialists of "SOLEV" proposed and successfully carried out a scheme of «sale and leaseback» type. As a result, the company was able to obtain additional funds in the amount of $ 5 million for working capital and for purchasing additional equipment. Moreover, the proposed plan of action allowed to obtain a reduction of tax payments for capital investments and to reduce the costs associated with the maintenance and repair of technical equipment.