Modernization of Kamenskaya paper and cardboard factory

Created on Monday, 18 February 2019 09:52

Усть-Ижорский фанерный комбинат

Studies of plywood market indicate an increase of the dynamics of demand for industry’s products, primarily due to the expansion of major consumer markets: the construction and furniture industry. When the Ust-Izhora plywood mill project the niche of production of 5x10 feet big-size plywood in Russia was not occupied, because domestic manufacturers did not produce such products.

The aim of the project "Modernization of Ust-Izhora plywood mill" was the expansion of production of plywood on the Ust-Izhora plywood mill. The project involved the release of an additional 55,000 cubic meters a year of birch plywood. The staff of IA "SOLEV" carried out a market research of plywood, developed a business plan for the project, provided funding organization services. Investment in the development of production amounted to more than U.S. $ 8 million.

Commissioning of the new line within this project allowed to produce high-quality plywood in a standard format of 5x5 feet, and of large-format - 5x10 feet. I addition was carried out a reconstruction of one of the production buildings and of the factory’s hulling line. Due to these activities was provided not only an increase in the volume of production of plywood, but also a substantial increase in economic efficiency and quality of production.