The main all regional construction management (MARCM) "Center"

Главное всерегиональное строительное управление (ГВСУ) "Центр"

IA “Solev” jointly with KPMG company organized the acquisition by the Coalco company of a former construction division of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR of the main all regional construction management (MARCM) “Center”, which brings together industrial, construction, commissioning, design and real estate divisions. The deal was closed in January 2008. Coalco acquired manufacturing facilities of MARCM "Center" for the project "Great Domodedovo", which involves large-scale construction in the Domodedovo district, Moscow region. By the time of the imminent release of a building site of Coalco got its own general contractor in their structure. By some estimates, the cost of MARCM "Center" is $ 300 million.

MARCM “Center” built many facilities of the Ministry of Defense, Theater of the Soviet Army, towns of Krasnoznamensk, Bolshevo Vatutinki and Korolev. MARCM “Center” MARCM “Center” has inherited all the building powers of the Ministry of Defense for the production of precast concrete, ready-mixed concrete, efficiency constructions, gas-concrete blocks. Available capacities allow MARCM “Center” to build 300,000 square meters of housing a year. Previously MARCM “Center” assets interested only such major developers as PIK Group and "Sistema-Hals".