Lev I. Weinberg, a renown entrepreneur, financier and public figure, is the founder and head of SOLEV International Consortium, member of the Board of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Association of Joint Ventures, International Associations and Organizations; member of the Presidium of the Council for Foreign and Defense Policy; and member of the Trilateral Commission for Social and Labor Relations. He is one of the pioneers of private business development in Russia.

Dear Friends!
I am glad to greet you on behalf of SOLEV International Consortium and offer our help with arranging financing for investment projects and programs born when you run you company, modernize it or start a new business. SOLEV is an independent private company that has been working since 1990 on the investment financing market. Since 2004 it has been on the list of Russia’s largest consulting companies, and in our specialized market segment – project financing – we have virtually no serious competition in Russia, both in terms of scale and geography of our projects.
The definitive quality of our professional activity is that SOLEV work is always targeted towards arranging long-term financing. These are always most complex investment projects that require versatile cooperation and intellectually intensive development when common “loan-collateral” bank scheme in its pure form does not work.
The above is especially important when working with large investment projects aimed, for instance, at creating new industrial production facilities or seriously upgrading existing ones. For instance, to implement a $100 million project involving the construction of a new plant, port terminal or large office/shopping center may require nearly $150-200 million in assets as collateral for the bank (shares quoted at the stock exchange, marketable equipment and/or immovable property, etc). Not every Russian company possesses such assets. Surely, if you have them – you are a perfect and desirable client for any large bank. If not – we encourage you to come to us: together we will find a solution for your project using the full range of modern project financing technologies.
We would like to note that even back in the “wild” 90s, when the economic situation in the country was unstable, new industrial enterprises were built with SOLEV’s support. The track record of our clients and, therefore, ours includes over 50 new and modernized industrial facilities and large commercial properties in the last 50 years.
SOLEV maintains stable partnerships with a large number of Russian and foreign banks, as well as with direct investment funds and other financial institutions.
We cooperate with well-known consulting firms operating on the Russian market (including international ones). We use their advice and support, sometimes utilizing hybrid direct investment (participation in equity capital) and debt (borrowed) financing technologies. At our disposal is the complete range of all-size business financing schemes and methods and we work in over forty areas of Russia. Since 2005, we have been made our first steps in Ukraine and Kazakhstan and since 2007 – in Mongolia.
Having been working on the Russian market for over 15 years - from the very moment of its emergence - we have acquired extensive experience that confirms the certainty of developing in Russia highly effective long-term investment projects aimed both at replacing import and creating new competitive export-intended products.
Since 2002, we have not had any problems with sources of financing. The majority of our financing sources (especially for large projects) are international banks, funds and other financial organizations. We know how to raise money for a real investment project of any scale. However, to prepare and arrange the documents for an investment project so that it is acceptable for financiers is an art in itself, and we are its true masters! In legal matters, we work together with leading Russian and international law firms and consultants.
I am sure that you will not regret turning to SOLEV. There may be situations where we will not be able to ensure your complete success in all your daring endeavors, but even in such situations we guarantee that you will get real help. We are constantly supporting interesting projects and searching for enterprising and enthusiastic leaders of such projects. The most important thing is to be determined and not to be afraid of difficulties. We, on our part, guarantee a professional approach to achieving your objectives.

Lev I. Weinberg, President
SOLEV International Consortium