The international association SOLEV - the private independent company working since 1990 in the market of investment financing.   SOLEV since 2004 enters into the list of the largest consulting companies of Russia.

The company specializes on the organization of long-term and intermediate term financing of the investment projects directed on development of business of Customers: modernization operating or creation of new industrial productions, objects of real estate, an infrastructure with attraction of the Russian and international capital. First of all we are engaged in returnable (credit) financing, but on occasion, within the limits of work on the project, we promote and in attraction with-investors.

Distinctive feature of activity SOLEV is application of methods of design and structural financing. I.e. the majority of our projects can't be financed «in a forehead» - the usual bank approach doesn't work "credit-pledge". In this case projects demand working out of the individual scheme of financing, need serious strengthening by other methods of protection of investment risks.

The aforesaid is especially actual at work with large investment projects. To realize the project in volume, say, in 100 million dollars which are necessary for building of new factory, terminal in port or large business/shopping center, it is necessary to give approximately 150 – 200 million dollars of pledges for bank in the form of actives (actions quoted in stock market, the liquid equipment and-or objects of real estate, etc.) - these are typical bank requirements. Not the given pledges are available for all modern Russian enterprises.

Besides, working out of optimum structure and selection of sources of financing has great value. Not always banks have possibility and desire to finance the project completely. Besides, not always optimum to possess the bank credit. In some cases other forms of financing (leasing, the demand line of credit, the letter of credit, a bank guarantee etc.) are more favourable are depends on economy of business, working conditions with counterparts and contractors etc.

We not Gods, but pots to us manage to be burned not bad. We want to note, what even in 90-s' years when the economic situation in the country was astable, with support SOLEV new industrial productions were under construction. On the account of our clients and, hence, and on ours, only over the last 10 years more than 50 new and modernized manufactures, and also a number of serious projects in sphere of commercial real estate.

90 % of our clients – the enterprises and the companies manufactures carrying out modernization and business development from which the majority operate in the European territory of the Russian Federation. We also successfully work with a number of the companies in Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

Counterparts of MO Solev on financing of projects are domestic both foreign banks and other financial institutions.

In view of an extensive branch accessory of our projects, we successfully involve in work on them on the terms of outsourcing of branch experts - the profile expert organizations, scientific research institutes, the private companies. Outsourcing is widely used for reception of independent expert estimations, carrying out of marketing researches, transfer of materials and documents on a foreign language.

The majority (more than 80 %) our projects are connected with industrial productions in various areas of real sector of economy:

• mining operations (oil, gas, color and ferrous metals, sand, quartz, a granite, a lime, etc.);

• petrochemistry and oil refining;

• metallurgy;

• the industry of building materials (a brick, glass, concrete products, plaster etc.), processing of agricultural products (milk, meat, vegetables, flowers, a skin, oil, etc.), timber cutting and лесопереработка;

• various machine-building manufactures;

• transport knots (sea and river ports, railway and automobile terminals, cars and other automobiles);

• the packing industry (including стеклотарное manufacture);

• economic-ecological projects (processing of a waste etc.);

• objects of power, including new electricity and heat generation, power effective projects;

And many other things.

Perfectly owning various receptions of financial service, experts SOLEV can help you with the decision of the majority of your problems connected with development, modernization and-or manufacture creation. We always support interesting projects and, the main thing, we search for leaders of these projects initiative and burning with enthusiasm!!!